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At Rowing Club SMARK, you can row traditional Finnish small wooden boats (single/double), church boats (14 oars, cox) and Olympic class boats. During winter, SMARK offers indoor rowing (and also sauna and ice swimming).

For Olympic class rowing, you can choose to join the recreational team (training 2-3x week…or as much or as little as you want) or the more intensive competitive team (4-6x week, both in a group and independently). Regarding the O-class type boats, SMARK has options for single/double rowing as well as rowing in bigger O-class boats (4 and 8 rowers).

If you already have the skills to row Olympic class boats, you’re welcome to join the club and train as much as you wish but if you are still learning or are a complete beginner you will also find a group willing to support you (NOTE: there are no “learn-to-row” organized courses this season).

For example, we have great experiences of university exchange students from all around the world joining SMARK to continue rowing through their exchange: welcome!

Come and join one of the following introductory sessions of season 2022 to visit the club (all dates subject to confirmation):

    • Tuesday 24th May at 5.30 pm
    • Tuesday 28th June at 5.30 pm
    • Thursday 28th July at 5.30 pm
    • Saturday 27th August at 09.30 am
    • Thursday 29 September at 5pm

The training, just like the club, runs on volunteer work, no professional coaching is regularly available.

If you want to know more about:

    • Olympic rowing, please sign up for one of the above dates by sending an email to welcome(at) at least two days in advance, so we know to expect you.
      You will receive an email reply with further instructions.
      Volunteers of the club check the email on a weekly basis, and they will get back to you.
    • Traditional Finnish small wooden boats (single/double), church boats (14 oars, cox) and the winter activities ( indoor rowing, sauna and ice swimming)
      send an email to info(at)


After you have met with a SMARK member to discuss your rowing experience, you can apply for membership by filling out this form. After filling out the form and paying your membership fee, you will receive an access card to the club premises.

Membership fee is either yearly (for 2022: 250€ or 2 x 125€) or monthly (2022: 30/60€/monthly for winter/summer months respectively ) and includes all (rowing; indoor rowing; small gym; summers: swimming in the sea, winters: swimming & sauna).

SMARK is not just a club but also a community and operates on volunteer work (club board, boat maintenance, boathouse maintenance, events, membership communications, social media, coaching, the occasional learn-to-row course organisation) – all members are welcome and expected to take part in these club activities.

In case you are interested in racing or joining a racing crew, it is good to know that to be eligible to take part in the national championships requires (according to the rules of the national rowing federation) residing in Finland on 1st of January of the racing calendar year.


Soutuseura SMARK ry, Roddklubben SMARK rf

Merikannontie 4

00260 Helsinki