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SMARK rowing club

SMARK is a vibrant rowing club in Helsinki. We are based at the historical Olympic Rowing Stadium in Töölö.

During late spring and summer we row in the sea bays surrounding the Stadium, wintertime training is done indoors. Membership of the club includes access to the boathouse, gym and erg room, and use of specified boats. We have training groups for both juniors and adult rowers. These groups usually train together at the boathouse 2-3 times a week. The club also runs indoor spinning classes for a fee from October to April.

The membership fee for 2015 is 170€ for both adults and juniors. On top of the membership fee we wish our adult members to take part in running the club. Each member should provide 4 hours of help for the club during January-June and another 4 hours between July and December. If a member can not participate in club maintenance, the board may invoice 2x 40€ fee from the member for club maintenance.

We are always looking for new rowers and volunteers, so if you are interested in joining the club, please do contact us at: toimisto and we can arrange for a meeting/tour of the boathouse.  If you don't hear from us straight away, don't worry; we check the office email about once a week and will get back to you as soon as possible. 

Once you have decided to join the club, fill in a membership form here and pay the fee. (Please only do this after you have been in touch with us via email first). Once we have received your payment and the membership form, we will send you a key card in the post.

Please note that if you are planning on racing, you will also need to get a racing licence from the Finnish Rowing Association.

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Club's safety instructions

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